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Earn a certificate in sound production. This course in sound production provides students with the practical skills necessary to work in the entertainment and music industries. Students learn the technical and creative aspects of the recording process by working on complex projects in various professional studio environments. The sound production course covers all aspects of sound production, studio recording and live sound reinforcement techniques, mixing, mastering, MIDI and modern music creation, music business, studio acoustics and the application of current technology to the music production process. Students also gain expertise in music and business management, marketing, communications, and knowledge of the contemporary ‘infotainment industry.

Equip yourself with the technical skills to produce electronic music. 
Learn to make and play electronic music using Ableton Live. The electronic music program (EMP) takes you from the absolute basics all the way to finishing a 4-track EP, mastering, remixing and performing live. The EMP course includes a perfect balance of theory and practical application on Apple computers in partnership with weekly assignments to support the work taught in class.
The programme is delivered in Cape Town and the specialist SAE lecturer will take you from opening a session to advanced techniques in just 8 weeks. For the final assignment, students deliver a 4 track digital EP consisting of 3 original compositions and 1 remix. The course is suitable for beginners looking to gain a thorough understanding of electronic music production techniques and live performance, as well as intermediate producers wishing to learn Ableton Live from the ground up, find inspiration and further inspire their skills.

Develop the skills you need to start producing films.
SAE Institute s Film Production degree is offered in Cape Town and explores all the creative and technical elements of digital filmmaking, with an emphasis on developing your practical skills in pre-production, production, post-production and distribution. Throughout the 3-year film production program, you will gain proficiency in the many departments that make up the production process, learning within an innovative and hands-on environment that boosts your creative confidence and artistic independence through the completion of a range of creative media projects. On completion of the degree in film, you will have acquired a holistic knowledge of the film industry, and be thoroughly prepared with the skills and knowledge needed to embark on an exciting career in the industry. Unlike many other creative media schools, SAE s students have access to film and sound gear for use on personal projects on top of the normal requirements for course assignments.

Learn the creative skills to become an animator.
The BA in motion design and animation curriculum is delivered in Cape Town and it introduces the student to a broad range of artistic, creative and academic skills to develop a deep understanding of the creative processes of animation storytelling. In this animation and design program, students will apply their artistic talents to the development of their animation storytelling skills. The animation curriculum focuses on digital 3D and digital 2D animation skills within the context of traditional 2D animation principles. SAE places a strong emphasis on developing and refining traditional fine art skills such as drawing, painting and sculpture to support the creative processes involved in character and story development for animation.

Learn the art, science and business of being a professional DJ.
With the legends of ReadyD, Azhul and DJ E-20 as your trainers, you will be taken on a life-changing journey from the roots and concepts of DJ-ing to the current state-of-the-art in the discipline. The DJ of the 21st century is not someone who simply plays other people’s music. Many of the most successful artists of the past decade are DJs who compose, produce and play music to massive audiences across the globe. Many will argue that the DJ has eclipsed the traditional touring artists and bands as the greatest crowd-pullers for live shows. This programme is delivered in Cape Town. Come and enter the world of the renaissance in music production and performance and learn, trick mixing, mashups and remixes, industry standard hardware and software DJ equipment, how to perform live with controllers, how to keep the dance floor full and the crowd enticed, and the business of being a professional DJ from trainers who are leaders and pathfinders in South Africa’s DJ community.

Learn the technical skills of sound production.
This sound production bachelor program is delivered in Cape Town and it addresses the art, science and technology of sound production across a wide range of applications, from music recording to live concert sound and sound production for film and television. Each sub-discipline of sound production is covered in detail, in order to ensure all graduates have the superior theoretical and practical skills necessary to work in the broad scope of the international entertainment and music industries. In addition to the focus on the vital knowledge and skills required from a sound engineer / producer, students are constantly exposed to the pertinent qualities and values expected of an individual in the industry with relation to professional practice, ethics and credibility, with a view to produce graduates who can operate effectively as well rounded audio professionals and make a meaningful contribution to the industry and society.

Equip yourself with the technical skills of sound production. 
The live sound production short course is delivered in Cape Town and it aims to provide a thorough understanding of the principles, systems, operations and procedures related to setting up and mixing sound for live events. This sound production course will be of great benefit to those interested in breaking into the industry, as well as people who are already involved in live sound but want to enhance their skill set.   The course in sound production aims to develop knowledge, skills and aptitudes in the set up, operation and maintenance of sound systems for live events. This includes understanding the physics of sound behavior and acoustics, as well as familiarity with all the relevant equipment, systems and procedures. Consideration is also given to the necessary values, attitudes and personal skills. This course provides the perfect opportunity for church sound volunteers and junior club sound personnel to develop a deeper understanding of the knowledge and skills required to do their job more efficiently. It also provides a great foundation to launch into work in theater, conference centers, casinos, hotels, resorts, entertainment venues, cruise ships and production companies.

Equip yourself with digital animal and visual effect skills. 
In this animation and visual effects course delivered in Cape Town, students will acquire comprehensive skills in computer-generated 3D graphics and animation using the industry’s most widely used software. The graphic design curriculum provides an understanding of the systems and equipment used for creating animation and the practical experience required for production techniques and design concepts. Students also gain expertise in business management, marketing and communications, and knowledge of the contemporary infotainment industry.

Earn a certificate in digital film production. 
This digital film production course is designed to provide students with experience in all facets of digital film making and production, and foster creative confidence and artistic independence in a hands-on learning environment. The course in digital film is delivered in Cape Town and it covers the technical and creative components of film making including: concept development, screen writing, camera operation, production management, directing, editing and sound design. Students create their own digital film projects to develop their skills as directors, producers and editors with the aim of becoming proficient filmmakers. Students are also exposed to film-related business management, marketing, communications and knowledge of the contemporary ‘entertainment’ industry.

Become a master of guerrilla video production. 
Learn to make professional-looking videos on shoestring budgets. This video production course is delivered in Cape Town and it takes students from the absolute basics of shooting video through to uploading and distribution of their work. The course is designed for the modern backpack video-maker and covers everything relating to the production of extreme sports clips, music videos and short documentaries. The video production curriculum includes an ideal balance of theory and practical application on Apple computers, with weekly assignments that support the work taught in class. On completion of the course, students will have produced a completed video product that can be uploaded onto the Internet and authored for DVD.  The course in video production is designed for passionate amateur video-producers and sporting weekend warriors who wish to take their video production skills to the next level. A solid understanding of the principles of video production are instilled with an eye to contributing to the exploding field of guerrilla and extreme video production.

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