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Google SketchUp is software that you can use to create, modify and share 3D models.
SketchUp’s simplified toolset is designed as a guided drawing system.  Students learn how to operate the SketchUp package in just a few weeks:

Create, export and present 3d models
Build 2D models quickly and accurately
Share your models with the other program in your workflow
Create professional 2D presentations documents with lay out

This course provides the learner
with an introduction to the skills and knowledge required to use
appropriate computer software as an aid to interior design.
difference in approach between manual and computer-aided drawing (CAD)
is explained.
This rapid-paced course is for anyone who plans to become a regular AutoCAD
user and needs the fundamental skills to create, edit and dimension
AutoCAD drawings.
This course is ideal for new AutoCAD
users or anyone who has not used the software for a few years.

This course allows the user to build upon the skills developed in the 2D AutoCAD course.
It is vital that a client understands the design and 3D AutoCAD enables this: a realistic 3D impression of an interior space for the purpose of communicating the design to a client.

This course is designed for AutoCAD users who are proficient in working with 2D objects and have a need to create 3D models or Perspectives of their designs.

This short course at BHC School of Design includes the decorative and functional planning of domestic, commercial and the retail environment. It covers both practical and aesthetic aspects of decorating and projects are orientated towards a portfolio of a professional standard.
This decorating rating course will be of benefit to anyone interested indesign and decorating for personal or industry involvement. This course is also useful as bridging course to Interior Design.
Course outline:

Introduction to design
Colour co-ordination
Materials, products and finishes
Basic drawing: floor plan, structural plan, electrical plan
Fabrics and window treatments
How to analyse style
Introduction to Commercial and Retail Environments
Planning your Dream Home
Industry Outings

This course is aimed at assembling an effective visual presentation using PhotoShop CS4 as the vehicle to compile effective visuals such as corporate or interior or architectural presentations and layouts, posters, sample, concept and mood boards.
You will also learn how to capture the essence of ambiance, atmosphere and mood in a digital presentation medium to successfully convey your intention.
This course is designed to teach essential elements of Photoshop and is suitable for anyone without any prior graphic knowledge. The course is ideal for those wanting to learn digital presentation skills.
This course is a must for design and marketing professionals and would-be in house designers.

The goal of BHC s Interior Design course is to prepare and equip students for a career in the professional world of Interior Design. Students in the program will develop the skills, knowledge and attention to detail necessary to be successful in an interior design discipline.
Students will be introduced to the design development cycle (concept, communication and implementation). Students will also be instructed in the theory behind design typology and gain practical experience through its application in design projects, resulting in a creative design solution. A methodical understanding of the design principles and elements enables students to develop a sound design aesthetic.
A range of drawing media and techniques including draughting, 2D and 3D presentation drawings as well as presentation boards will be presented to the student.
The successful student will develop evaluative skills by considering the effectiveness of the design development cycle and their use of the cycle in their design approach. In particular, the evaluation will consider the value of the design solution to others and within the perspective of a commercial context.
Students can expect to learn the following concepts over the three years of the course:

Year one: Students become familiar with design methods such as the development of problem-solving skills, while at the same time shaping flexible, creative and practical attitudes.
Year two: Creative freedom is encouraged especially in the 2nd year, balanced with the need to consider costing restraints and the practical business aspect side of design. Learners are set problem solving tasks that help them learn to work with people as well as be part of a team.
Year three: The third year introduces students to the innovative concept of gaining practical experience, under the guidance of lecturers and a studio-master. Students have access to mentor expertise and knowledge while researching and undertaking real projects making opportunities for future employment greatly enhanced. The benefit to the client is that they are getting design work generated by a pool of exit level students whose enthusiasm is synonymous with their need to produce a portfolio of exceptional standards for future work in the field. In addition, the client receives several design proposals.

This Presentation Drawing course concentrates on three dimensional hand drawn presentation skills, and offers an innovative, user-friendly approach to 3D freehand drawing.
This course is geared towards enhancing drawing and client communication skills.
This course is ideal for decorators, designers and draughtsmen, and those wishing to develop their presentation skills further.

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