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MPhil in Development Finance: 2 year postgraduate course in Cape Town, South Africa
The MPhil in Development Finance (MDevF) of the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) covers all aspects of development finance, including a thorough understanding of the theories underpinning development finance practices. It also focuses on enterprise-level development finance and sustainable growth. This makes the MDevF a cri​tical-skills degree for Africa.

It is aimed at people who are involved with finance and financial management issues in developing countries.
With this qualification you will be able to:

Use specialised knowledge to develop Africa where it matters
Contribute towards sustainable development
Implement Africa-driven solutions
Shape finance policies and programmes
Conduct in-depth research
Understand the key role of DFIs and financial institutions

The MDevF is a 2-year modular program, which means that you have to attend 3 blocks of 2 weeks each on the USB campus in Cape Town. Off-campus you have to complete a research assignment. This enables students from all over the world to attend – even when working full-time.

Postgraduate diploma in futures studies: 1-year program in Cape Town
The internationally accredited postgraduate diploma in futures studies equips you with the skills to make strategic long-term decisions to deal with rapid and complex changes both locally and internationally. This program can also provide access to USB s MPhil in Futures Studies. Both USB s Postgraduate Diploma and MPhil in Futures Studies are the only programs of their kind in Africa.

USB s one-year postgraduate diploma in futures studies is designed to expose you to:

The nature of global change, its rapid pace and its ever-increasing complexity
An understanding of the forces and trends that shape the future
Managing organisational strategies so as to create a desired future.​

As the only program of its kind presented in Africa, and one of only a few in the world, it equips candidates with high-level competencies to react meaningfully to growing complexity in the organizational environment while taking into account the unique developmental challenges facing Africa and South Africa. These challenges typically include health deficits, education deficits, global participation and human security.
The program is presented on NQF Level 8 and it has 120 credits worth of modules. This program is internationally accredited by AACSB and EQUIS. In South Africa, this qualification is accredited by the South African Council on Higher Education. The language of tuition is English.​
This program can also provide access to USB s MPhil in Futures Studies. USB s Postgraduate Diploma, MPhil in Futures Studies and PhD in Futures Studies are the only programs of their kind in Africa.

Full-time MBA in Cape Town, South Africa 
This full-time masters of business administration program provides students with a life-changing experience! If you want to make a difference in your environment and impact your career  – whether it be an advancement or change of direction  – the USB MBA will prepare you to maximize opportunity and take on new challenges.
The University of Stellenbosch Business School s MBA is offered in Cape Town, South Africa. The program is comprised of 18 compulsory modules, including an international study module at foreign business school and research assignment, and electives.

Why choose USB s Full-time MBA?
If you want to operate at senior management level and lead with confidence, USB s triple accredited MBA will prepare you for this. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider this MBA program:

Increased international exposure: in the full-time MBA class, you ll be joined by international students and exchange students from all over the world, allowing you to learn from their work experiences and cultural backgrounds. 
Single-minded focus: immerse yourself in your studies (11 months of classes) without the demands of a job
Preparation for a career change: take a break from full-time employment and prepare yourself for a new career
Contact with business environment: make the most of speaker and networking events in class and on campus to meet business leaders and industry experts.

PhD in Futures Studies in Cape Town, South Africa
This PhD program in Cape Town is internationally accredited and is the only PhD degree of its kind in Africa. The PhD in futures studies of the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) builds on the School s MPhil in Futures Studies and forms part of its futures studies cluster of programs. The program allows students to become specialists in this field by acquiring in-depth knowledge through doctoral research. 

As a PhD student at USB, you ll be expected to pursue supervised research, culminating in a doctoral dissertation. This dissertation must:

Represent an original and significant contribution to the enrichment and advancement of knowledge in the chosen area
Demonstrate originality of thought, a theoretical underpinning, relevance to the discipline and rigor in execution
Create intellectual capital, which is the cornerstone of today s knowledge society.

The PhD in future studies program is aimed at professional futurists, decision makers and strategic planners who would like to distinguish themselves through in-depth research aimed at helping people to bring about a more desirable future. It will prepare them for senior-level positions in government, public and private corporations, financial institutions, and sub-regional, regional and international organizations. It could also enable candidates to become lecturers at academic institutions.

Postgraduate diploma in leadership: 1-year program in Cape Town
This one-year program in South Africa focuses on your development as a leader and not on managerial functions such as finance, marketing and economics as well. These leadership competencies can be applied in any industry, anywhere in the world!
The internationally accredited postgraduate diploma in leadership development of the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) places developing students leadership skills first. 

​This program is delivered in 4 on-campus blocks (5½ days each) spread over 1 year. Students need to complete the 7 compulsory modules and 1 elective. This program is internationally accredited by AACSB and EQUIS. It is also accredited by the SA Council on Higher Education (CHE).

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management and Administration in Cape Town, South Africa
This postgraduate diploma in business management and administration equips students with the entrepreneurship skills and an entrepreneurial approach to business, as well as general management skills and an understanding of business in Africa. It will also provide a solid foundation for those students wishing to pursue and MBA. Graduates continuing with USB’s MBA will get recognition for 32 credits (15%) on the MBA.

The aim of this general management program is to:

Equip you with entrepreneurial skills
Broaden your knowledge of the various management disciplines in the business environment
Enable you as a working professional to undertake development by means of a systematic survey of current thinking and practice and to learn via application in a working environment
Equip you with the ability to define and develop an enterprise’s value proposition in an increasingly competitive and volatile environment
Enable you to use analytic skills to deal with business problems, but always within the particular social system in which you operate
Deal with business problems both systematically and analytically.

This learn-while-you-earn program runs over 1 year. Choose between 2 delivery formats: Blended learning format (combination of on-campus and live online classes) and Modular format (5 blocks of on-campus classes).

Postgraduate diploma in project management: 2-year course in Cape Town
This diploma program in project management focuses on strategic project management and upper management skills to produce professional project managers who can take up project management positions in any industry sector and in any private or public enterprise.
The 2-year program is offered at the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Through this program you ll:

Acquire upper management skills
Contribute to the empowerment of the workforce
Embark on an in-demand career
Build valuable networks

This is a modular, learn-while-you-earn program, you ll attend 6 study blocks of 1 week each over 2 years. The project management program is designed for employed managers on all levels in all economic sectors and in all types of private and public enterprises, and managers who have the potential to be promoted to higher management positions.

Modular MBA – 2-year accredited program in Cape Town, South Africa
If you want to manage at senior management level, lead with confidence, go global, think critically and understand the integrated organization, USB’s triple accredited MBA is perfect for you!
The MBA of the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) has been redesigned to better fulfil the needs of today’s students. The previous (longer) MBA, presented up till 2015, has now been restructured into a 213-credit program on
NQF Level 9. All formats of the USB MBA have been shortened and this takes effect from 2016.Important: You must now have a 4-year Bachelor’s degree or an Honour’s degree or a 3-year Bachelor’s degree plus a Postgraduate Diploma before you are allowed entry into the new MBA.

USB’s Modular MBA in a nutshellDuration: 2 years (3 years in the past)Contents: 18 compulsory modules (including International Study Module at foreign business school and Research Assignment) and electives
Why choose USB’s Modular MBA?
Here are some of the reasons why you should consider the Modular MBA:

3 international accreditations: AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA
Study while you work: This block release program will enable you to attend lectures without infringing too much upon your work obligations. This arrangement will enable you to make the most of your time on campus.
Apply skills immediately: Implement your new business skills at work immediately while getting support from USB.
​Study at USB even if you live further afield: Students from all over South Africa and from various other African and overseas countries choose this option to obtain a triple accredited MBA.

The USB’s MPhil in Management Coaching is aimed at managers, leaders, HR specialists and learning facilitators in all industries. It holds significant value for all people working with the human aspect of transferring knowledge, and those that support growth, facilitate the forming of meaningful relationships and help toenhance performance.
This modular programme runs over two years and consists of two phases: a class programme presented on the USB campus, and research and development.

Phase 1 – class programme: Students have to attend four modules of one week each on the USB campus during the first year. During this time, they will be exposed to various models to discover their own particular framework for coaching. Coaching practice, case studies and assignments form part of this phase of the programme.
Phase 2 – professional assessment: Students’ coaching competence is assessed both in terms of their ability to convey their personal coaching approach and style, and in terms of authentically displaying coaching skills which resonate with their own model. This phase takes one week at the beginning of the second year.
Phase 3 – research and development: Students have to complete a research report during the second year of enrolment. During this phase, a tutor will be assigned to each student based on the student’s field of interest. Students may schedule a number of face-to-face sessions with their tutors to discuss coaching issues that may arise. The cost of up to five of these sessions is included in the tuition fees.
Throughout – triad practice, supervision and coaching: A significant part of the students’ journey is to coach and be coached. They must complete a number of hours (to be communicated) in these sessions. This is to be self-funded and the cost of this is not included in the programme fees.

PhD in Business Management & Administration – Doctoral Degree Programme at USB 
The internationally reconized PhD in Business Management and Administration of the University of Stellenbosch Business School focuses on developing employable expertise through in-depth research.

To develop employable knowledge underpinned by theory and practice, PhD students conduct action research on real-world problems and develop personal and transferable skills which can be used in a range of applied situations.
USB s PhD is the first PhD outside Europe audited and approved by EDAMBA. It is also internationally accredited by the AACSB and EQUIS. USB is also a member of the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative’s Global Doctoral Alliance​.
A combination of scientific rigor and managerial relevance
The executive PhD may be described as a practice-based program since knowledge is advanced partly by means of the professional application of the discipline. It combines scientific rigor and managerial relevance, and consequently PhD students must be able to demonstrate that they have a theoretical as well as a practical appreciation and understanding of their research area.
To develop employable knowledge underpinned by theory and practice, PhD students need to:

Conduct action research on challenging, real-world problems, and
Develop personal and transferable skills which can be used in a range of applied situations.

The aim is to link the two areas of theory and practice in such a way that this results in “hybrid vigor.”

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